Game Review: Thoughts Confound Psychology

thoughts confound

Despite describing itself as a “horrible knock off” of Cards Against Humanity, I have to say, the quality and entertainment value of this game is high. This game is produced by Anamotology. I encountered this game at their booth during a conference. My group and I definitely geeked out at what they had to offer. The saleswoman shared my love for vintage psychology board games, and actually was familiar with the games I mentioned. The game is only $18 plus shipping, which is very reasonable for an indie game.

Even though the cards are academic in nature and sure to tickle the fancy of any psychology nerd, it does not hold any punches. The cards are not for the faint of heart. Some of the cards are downright offensive, but that contributes to the fun depending on who you are playing with. Playing this with my cohort resulted in uproarious laughter and was a great way to unwind. We already plan on playing it again soon.


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